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Near the end of one of the podcast episodes I just recorded (stay tuned for who it was, it’s a surprise!), we were talking about acts of creativity, where I contend we can feel our most vulnerable. My guest said “For this to work, you have to let go of caring if it works.” I’m […]

The Power of Declarations-Just Don’t Save Them For January 1

It’s that time of year again. Time for a New Year and a New You! We can now take advantage of that glorious reset button, join a gym, resolve to be better and make our problems go away. If you detect a touch of sarcasm in there, you would be correct. New Year’s resolutions might be […]

Moments Count

Last week was like Christmas came early for me. My endorphins are still running high as I write this. Last week, after taking 2 months off of water skiing, I got back on the water at Jack’s Travers Ski School in Florida. While skiing well is always a bonus, the way it makes me feel is really why I do it. Skiing is like a reset. Not only do I get all those feel-good endorphins, I also get stronger through the exercise. Between each pass, I rest and recover, going from super […]

Creativity is messy

Creativity is messy. It just is. Or am I just trying to justify not cleaning my art studio? The studio does need to be straightened up – but there is also something that happens in the mess if I can tolerate the discomfort. It seems to me that the messy part of creativity is not about […]

Fire the Sanctioner

She said “I really can’t take time for myself until my work is done.” Even though I’ve heard similar statements before – I’ve SAID similar statements myself – this time I heard it differently. “Who says that?” I asked. After all, she is a grown ass woman who really doesn’t have anyone she has to […]

Practice makes better

In my blog “Better is Better than Perfect,” I talk about how practice used to make me crazy. As a young girl, I took piano lessons. The lessons were fine. Playing the piano was fun. Learning to read music was exciting. The occasional competitions got my juices flowing. None of that overcame my personal hell called “piano practice.” My mother nagged me and then restricted me and then told the teacher on me. Not that she needed to be told. The piano teacher kne […]

Machine Thinking: It doesn’t work with animals-or humans

A couple of years ago, I was horseback riding on the trail with a friend. It was my second time on this horse. More importantly, it was my second time on any horse in almost 20 years. And even more importantly than that, my thoughts and beliefs about horses and horseback riding were deeply tainted […]

Balancing Food and Fear

On a recent flight, I finally got to watch Free Solo, the documentary of Alex Honnold free climbing El Capitan. That’s a 3,000 plus foot climb without a rope. One mistake, and he’s plummeting to his death. Splat. The filmmakers depict the risk and pressure beautifully. No one in their right mind would do such […]

Wishful Thinking

Today I sit on the airplane appreciating realistic thinking instead of wishful thinking. Many times traveling, I only allow for exactly the time it takes to the airport plus a little wiggle room. This trip was more complex. There are three of us traveling, and many more realities, like slowdowns due to construction, a checked bag, dropping […]

Communication, Miscommunication, and embodied knowledge

Miscommunication happens so frequently. As I write this, I’m still smarting from a post office encounter I wish had gone differently. I was just leaving the post office with a pile of boxes in my arms. A local gentleman who I know more by sight than personally was moving slowly, and he started to move […]