Hi, I'm Lynn Carnes. My official title is Executive Coach, focusing deeply on leadership.  My unofficial title is "Professional Unleasher", focusing on unleashing YOU. If you believe you have to choose between performing under pressure and having work life balance, you might be making a false choice.  What if you need BOTH in order to get what you want?

There are two ways to approach your career

The first is to focus on proving you belong. It’s a never-ending race to the top that can cost you a good quality of life and your relationships. You may very well succeed in getting exactly what you asked for: when money, status, and achievement are your primary focus, they will make you their prisoner.

The trappings of success can keep you trapped.

The second is to become a true learner and focus on how you can constantly improve. No matter the outcome, you will consistently become stronger and better prepared for this fast-changing world.

You are going to be uncomfortable either way. The focus on proving yourself creates a hole you can never fill. The discomfort from learning feels more productive and rewarding. You might even find peace of mind.

Instead of chasing empty goals, my hope for you is a journey to unleash the true spirit within you.

Here's my story.

Fighting to make it to the top then realizing I could have a great life - TODAY


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“Five Reasons You Don’t Want to Be CEO”

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Raging Bitch to Engaging Coach

Oct 19, 2015

It Hits when it Hits

After my last blog about getting back on the horse, it seems I’ve been surrounded by lessons in dealing with fear hits, managing nerves and preparing for big events. This is the season for state water ski tournaments, and we have had several people training on our lake. There has been lots of talk on […]

Where Is My Choice Here? And Yes, I Got Back on the Horse!

My theme for this week seems to be adrenaline. Let me start by saying that there is a joke in our house about who is the real adrenaline junkie around here. I contend that it’s me. And I got a lot of adrenaline this week. It’s left me pondering how to use this involuntary pulse […]

Burnout Or Recovery?

Have you found yourself wishing there was more time? Time to do the things you know you need to do? When is the last time you took a moment to really rest? And no, I’m not talking about when you rested because you got sick and had to go to bed for a day. There […]

Promises are the Gold Nuggets of Work

Virtually every time I facilitate a program, whether for team looking to improve their alignment and performance or a variety of leaders transforming their lives through self awareness, one word comes up almost every time. Communication. Lack of it has killed more deals and relationships than you can count. Too much of it…well, I’ve never […]

A Better Response to Fear? Skills

Last week I did a short workshop with the McDowell County Chamber of Commerce to kick off a Woman in Business Series. Our topic? Using Fear to Thrive and Grow. These courageous women tackled the topic of fear in a profound way. Fear is an interesting topic – because it’s like eating. We need fear […]

When Disappointment Strikes!

Missing an appointment with an IBM Selectric Typewriter most likely changed the whole trajectory of my life. It’s truly mind-boggling to realize that such a small thing made such a huge difference. I was in high school, and my teacher had signed up me and several other students for a typing contest in a town […]